Convert Document To PDF

The PDF format is the most reliable means of sending documents between one computer and another.

Portable Document Format (PDF) is an independent, open standard for fixed layout of documents. This means that when you provide any printer with a document in PDF, the layout you see when you view the PDF file is exactly what will be reproduced by the printer, unlike other formats (E.g. Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer) where what a printer produces may be different that what you see on your screen.

Thus to ensure we print exactly what you require, when you send in your thesis or any other document for printing, we require that you send it as a PDF.

To create a PDF from my Word Document or other format your will need to download a PDF converter.
We would recommend these online free converters
CutePDF : PrimoPDF : PDF24

Creating a PDF from MICRSOFT WORD 2007 or newer
1) Click the Office Button
2) Save As
3) Select PDF
4) Save the File

Mac Users: Select "Print" from the File menu and click "Save as PDF..."


Translate your Microsoft Word document to PDF with this handy PDF generator below.
It will email your PDF to you - please check it carefully before uploading it to us for printing and binding.

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Convert a document to pdf
Choose a document
Email (The pdf-file will be sent to this e-mail address)

Once converted ensure to proof read the PDF paying particular attention to the page layout, chapter headings and page numbers and e-mail it to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or bring it into us on USB memory stick, Data card, CD & DVD disk or floppy disk.