Can I send my thesis by Email and will you print it?

Yes, Email us your thesis for printing and binding in PDF format:

How long does it take to bind my thesis?

One your thesis is completed, We can normally proceed with printing and binding and have the finished product ready within 2-3 hours 

Free delivery to local Colleges for the following morning

What colours can I bind my thesis in?

Black, Navy, Blue, Burgandy, Green & Brown. See the sample colours here.

Do you deliver my thesis?
Yes we offer a daily delivery service to Limerick colleges and courier service.
What margin do I need on the binding side?

We reccomend a minimium of 30m.

What hours are we open?

Monday - Friday: 8:00 -18:00

Saturday: 8.00-13:00 by App.

Sunday: by App

What are your Shipping Prices?

Please contact us for a quotation to arrange shipping for your thesis.

What are your binding Prices?

Hard Binding Thesis Service:

1 X Thesis = €30 Threadsewn

Soft bound : €4 & €5

Please contact for class deals on more higher volumes 

Per Page
Printing 80gsm. B&W 06c
Printing 80gsm. Colour 25c
Printing 100gsm. B&W 07c
Printing 100gsm. Colour 30c